• Jennifer Taylor

The Tree

We have a good view from our dormer window onto our street. Over the past year I’ve become fascinated by neighbor Tom’s mysterious front yard. He has an amazing array of plants, trees and flowers. I’ve seen a variety of woodland creatures and once late at night, a coyote. E claimed one day that if a horse lived in the neighborhood, there’s no doubt it would be over there.

We had a violent storm last week. Lightning hit the largest tree and cleaved it in two. E worried the tree was hurt. The city department was out the next day trimming and hacking. We watched as huge branches were removed and placed into a chipper. Today that formerly majestic tree is being completely dismantled. I’ve never witnessed an entire tree being uprooted.

Tom has lived under the canopy that tree provided for 35 years. It feels as though I shouldn’t watch the crew finish the task  - that maybe Tom should be the only one there to pay respects.

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