• Jennifer Taylor

Farewell, Deane

Many years ago I took my younger brother on a trip to the U.K. I terrified him by clumsily blundering through triple roundabouts in Scotland. We lurched our way to Ayr in the Scottish countryside to stay with Deane and Jane, friends of our family. Deane was also the minister of the small church my mother attended in PA.

He was an imposing figure, about 6'2 with a ruddy complexion and thinning hair. He was curious about everything, it seemed, from the poet Robert Burns whose home we visited to the local flora and fauna. He was a highly intelligent man whose kindness emanated outward.

The world is a better place for him being in it. His was the kind of life who touched so many people. I always considered him to be a role model. I will miss him.

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